Thursday, May 3, 2007

And so begins the blogging...

So, here is my first real blog. Mike does a lot of info sharing on our website,, but I never really contribute. Considering all the blogging hype (everybody that's anybody's got one!), I thought I'd give it a try. Please post a comment if you read this!
Mike and I had a fantastic three day weekend with our SLC buddies Mark and Katie in Castle Valley. We started off with a bang, with Katie and I roping up together to do Fine Jade. It is a classic 5 pitch 5.11 desert route on the Rectory, and was the hardest route either of us had done as an all woman team. It was pretty sustained, with 10+ OW right off the deck, lots of 5.10 fingers, and a crux 5.11 thin fingers bulge. We felt like champs for completing the route on our own! Sunday, Mike and I simuled the North Chimney of Castleton and relaxed in the sun on the summit before heading back for beers and burritos. Monday, all four of us did Ancient Art, another desert classic in the Fisher Towers. The last pitch is a convoluted corkscrew that tops out on a summit the size of a pizza pan. Yowser! It was awesome! We finished up the weekend with a dip in the Colorado before heading home. A good time had by all.
Beyond that, Mike is busy with his Master's work, and I have one final left before my semester ends. We are taking off again this weekend for a trail race in Buena Vista, the Collegiate Peaks Trail Run. I'll write about it upon our return. Until then, cheers!


SchuylerBuilt said...

Joy what a great picture!! Good to see you this weekend and thanks for your help around the house..we'll be in touch Matt, Reese, Mason and Smith

Holly said...

Joy! So good to see you out there, really out there. I just finished my first 1/2 marathon so I am WAY proud of you for the 50 miler! Keep it up girlie! Hope to see you again sometime!
Holly (Huston) Flick

Joy said...

What a pleasant surprise to hear from you! Congrats on your half marathon--that is a great accomplishment. I hope to see you again sometime as well.