Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update, 17 weeks

I've just about hit 17 weeks, now, and my belly continues to grow at what seems like a phenomenal rate. I'm hiding an extra 20 pounds(!!) on my body but can't figure out where it has all gone (definitely not all in the belly). I'm feeling Great, capital G, am running lots and very energetic. My weight gain has surprised me because I'm running about 40 miles a week and eating well--I guess the body just has its own plans! I have started the feel the baby move--very exciting--but only when I lay still and concentrate on it. According to the many baby websites, our kid is pushing 6 inches in length, can hear, sense light, and taste, and has the ability to suck its thumb.

Mike and I are headed out tomorrow evening with about 12 other people for another trip to Indian Creek, south of Moab. It should be lots and lots of fun and there are rumors of climbing in Halloween costumes! We love that place! My harness waist belt usually has about a 10 inch tail for cinching that is now down to about 4 inches. It is not going to fit much longer. When the harness no longer fits, I suppose I will have to stop climbing (having snow on the ground will help). We have been enjoying the indian summer around here--it has been in the 70's all week. It's hard to believe it's almost November!!

The belly shots were taken this evening:

This is from July, the week we found out we were preggers. When the pics are compared, there is a huge difference!! Even though I know I'll get back to normal eventually, it's hard to imagine being that size ever again!

I found this picture tonight while going through iPhoto and thought it was cute. It's from this summer, at the San Diego Zoo.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Annoying yet entertaining

Yesterday was cold and rainy, so I decided to head to the gym for the first time of the season. I started my workout session the same way I always did prepregnancy--by working up a good sweat on the treadmill. Lately, I have gotten creative on my outside running routes because they now must have a certain component--frequent places to squat in the bushes. This does not work so well on a treadmill in a gym. After 1/2 mile, I had to pause the machine and run to the bathroom. And again at 1 mile. And the urge came back at 1.6 miles so I just forced myself to hold it until I hit 2 miles (I like to go at least twice that far!). The funny thing is that there was a line of people waiting for the machine, watching me come and go. Ugh! I gave up and rode the bike, which is much easier on the bladder.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ladies' weekend in the Creek!

This weekend was a blast! 13 women, splitter sandstone cracks, fireside conversations, incredible moon and stars, and desert camping--life does not get much better. Stef and her friend Lindsey showed up on Thursday and we left Friday for the weekend. They really wanted to learn how to climb cracks, and this was the perfect opportunity! So, we loaded up Stef and Wes's veggie-mobile (it runs on recycled veggie oil that they get for free from local restaurants) and drove to Indian Creek, about 50 miles south of Moab. We got there late and rolled out our sleeping bags under the moon and stars, which were so bright we had to cover our eyes to sleep. The next morning, we found the rest of the crew, a large group from Durango headed by Lauren Heerschap, and hiked up Donelly Canyon to start climbing. It was about 75 and sunny, and we climbed until our feet and hands were so sore we had to quit. Back to camp for yummy tacos and a warm fire we went before falling asleep, exhausted from the great day! Stef and Lindsey were psyched at their crack climbing success, as was I. I resisted the temptation to lead anything per my midwife's advice, but had a ton of fun toproping. Sunday morning, we hiked to the Optimator Wall where Lindsey led on-sight her first 5.10--Lady Pillar, 120 feet. That was a huge accomplishment for her and only gave her more confidence to come back and try to step it up next time. That afternoon we all did Soul Fire, 5.11, which Linds toproped twice (she intends to come back and lead it next time!). Stef also vastly improved her crack skills and discovered the pure joy that comes with a schtonker hand jam. Here are some photos from the weekend (as always, they are concentrated in small areas because I always forget to take out my camera!).

Stef, me, and Lindsey--laying on the ground before bed, night #1.
See why we love this place?! This is a view of the valley from the Optimator Wall.
Stef and I.

Me on Soul Fire, 5.11.

Lauren leading Generic Crack, 5.10.

Stef cranks on the bottom of Soul Fire.

Stef sinking her hands and feet into the jams.

Stef shows us her stemming and drop knee skills on Lady Pillar, 5.10.

Happy Joy.

Me, high up on Soul Fire. Check out the beautiful rock above us.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mike took me to my first NFL football game on Sunday--Bronco's vs Jaguars. It was a blast even though our Broncos lost. The fan energy is really incredible--80,000 people cheering, stomping their feet, booing the refs--wow! It is an experience that everyone should have.

Reeser sent me this present today. She made me an awesome CD and two potholders. These are not just any potholders--they are handmade and frickin cool!

An up close shot of her handiwork.

I had 4 different people comment on my belly today--I think it is really growing this time. Wes called and made fun of me for trying to stick out my flat belly in all of the previous "belly shots". Whaddaya think now, Wes?

Mike and I went to Crested Butte a few weekends ago and found these sheep in the middle of the road. It was really a huge flock that went all the way across the road for about a half mile. They were having some sort of sheep drive.

Here is the lovely sound of our baby's heartbeat from my midwife appointment yesterday. What an incredible thing!! The baby is about 4 inches long now and growing about 1/2 inch each week--that is equivalent to an adult growing about 8 inches in a week! My computer is having a hard time embedding the video, so just follow the link. You Tube-Baby's Heartbeat 14 weeks

On Exercise and Pregnancy:

I have tried to keep my fitness up during this pregnancy, but have had a very difficult time finding good information on what exactly is safe to do. Most websites talk about prenatal exercise in terms of yoga, stretching, walking, swimming, etc, not running marathons. They often give a magic number to keep one's heartrate below, usually 140. But, there is no discussion of what a person was doing for fitness before pregnancy or what their normal resting or max heartrates are. When I got pregnant, I was about a month out from running a 50 mile trail race and was not ready to start stretching for exercise. I quickly found out that running was much more difficult than I was used to, but I really wanted to keep it up, so I did and continue to do so. Originally, I had planned on doing a bunch of races during the pregnancy, but have since changed my mind. Different experts gave me different advice--an OB doc gave me the OK for the marathon, while my midwife told me not to run for longer than an hour at a time. I have since found what I think is a happy medium between the two. I have continued to do 1-2 hour runs but have decided against the marathon in November. Honestly, the 10-12 mile runs are leaving me completely wiped and the thought of turning around and repeating the distance is unfathomable. 6-8 miles seems to be just perfect. Plus, there is the uterine-pressure-on-the-bladder problem. I have to stop at least every 15 minutes to pee, often every 8 or 10 minutes. I have to plan my routes very carefully, making sure there are sufficient bushes along the way for my bathroom breaks. It's quite hilarious, I run for about 10 minutes, feel the overwhelming urge to pee, get out barely 1/4 cup, and repeat the process. One major problem with the marathon was that it is all on the road (meaning not enough bushes) and there is only one port-a-pottie on the entire route--that is a major problem. I guess they just don't think of pregnant women when planning their courses. Reese also asked me about the whole thing last week, namely "why do you want to do this?". Well, I couldn't think of a better answer than just to say I did, and that is not good enough. (thanks for your insight, Reese) I'm still going to do the Las Vegas half marathon (13 miles) in December, but it is a flat course and there are toilets every mile. Plus, because my pregnancy will be so obvious, I won't feel the pressure to go fast.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Belly Shot 13 weeks

Here's the belly at 13 weeks (It feels so much bigger than that!). I took this in the mirror with my phone--not the greatest quality.

And the old shot from 9 weeks. Can any of you see a change??

Mom and Dad skipped work one day last week to climb Static Peak in the Tetons. Mom sent me this photo and I loved it so much I had to post it. They are such genuinely joyful people, as you can clearly see!

My fellow prego friend Elinor (17 weeks) ran the Golden Leaf Trail Half Marathon last weekend. She fell and completely filleted her knee open with 3 miles to go. Here she is after finishing, holding up her hand to block her view of the wound. She went directly to the ER for stitches--what a toughie!! She is planning on doing the Chicago marathon next weekend--we'll see how her knee treats her.