Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Annoying yet entertaining

Yesterday was cold and rainy, so I decided to head to the gym for the first time of the season. I started my workout session the same way I always did prepregnancy--by working up a good sweat on the treadmill. Lately, I have gotten creative on my outside running routes because they now must have a certain component--frequent places to squat in the bushes. This does not work so well on a treadmill in a gym. After 1/2 mile, I had to pause the machine and run to the bathroom. And again at 1 mile. And the urge came back at 1.6 miles so I just forced myself to hold it until I hit 2 miles (I like to go at least twice that far!). The funny thing is that there was a line of people waiting for the machine, watching me come and go. Ugh! I gave up and rode the bike, which is much easier on the bladder.

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