Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update, 17 weeks

I've just about hit 17 weeks, now, and my belly continues to grow at what seems like a phenomenal rate. I'm hiding an extra 20 pounds(!!) on my body but can't figure out where it has all gone (definitely not all in the belly). I'm feeling Great, capital G, am running lots and very energetic. My weight gain has surprised me because I'm running about 40 miles a week and eating well--I guess the body just has its own plans! I have started the feel the baby move--very exciting--but only when I lay still and concentrate on it. According to the many baby websites, our kid is pushing 6 inches in length, can hear, sense light, and taste, and has the ability to suck its thumb.

Mike and I are headed out tomorrow evening with about 12 other people for another trip to Indian Creek, south of Moab. It should be lots and lots of fun and there are rumors of climbing in Halloween costumes! We love that place! My harness waist belt usually has about a 10 inch tail for cinching that is now down to about 4 inches. It is not going to fit much longer. When the harness no longer fits, I suppose I will have to stop climbing (having snow on the ground will help). We have been enjoying the indian summer around here--it has been in the 70's all week. It's hard to believe it's almost November!!

The belly shots were taken this evening:

This is from July, the week we found out we were preggers. When the pics are compared, there is a huge difference!! Even though I know I'll get back to normal eventually, it's hard to imagine being that size ever again!

I found this picture tonight while going through iPhoto and thought it was cute. It's from this summer, at the San Diego Zoo.


Anonymous said...

You are sooooo beautiful!!!
Ma n Pa

Joy Joy said...

aww, shucks.

Reese said...

Nothing cuter than a baby bump. And you definitely wear it well. Sporting any maternity clothing yet? It's so exciting to feel the baby move - in a couple more weeks you'll feel like you've got a jumping bean in your belly. So happy for you right now!

Unknown said...

Hey Joy! I have loved looking at your blog recently to see how you and the baby are doing! It's fun to watch the progress!
I hope everything is going well in Glenwood Springs. I have my senior piano recital at Belhaven next week! Mom and dad are coming down for it so that will be fun!
See ya!
your cousin Nicole

Langston said...

That is the most muscular pregnant belly I've ever seen! Way to go you little cutie. Happy to hear you're feeling so good, and can't wait to see you and touch the bump!

Joy Joy said...

Who is Langston?

Lindsey K said...

Joy I think my non-prego belly is about the size of your 17 week preggy are looking wonderful. I can't believe how fast a body changes for a baby, it really is a miraculous thing!