Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another weekend in the Dez...

We Schneiters love weekends, especially ones spent with friends climbing in the desert. We left Friday evening and met about 17 friends in Indian Creek to climb. Here are pictures from the trip.

Evening light on the gorgeous sandstone.

Most of our group, from L to R, Tracy Wilson, BJ Sbarra, Sarah Selling, Derek Hanrahan, John Connor, Dave Meyer, Kristen Pogue, Steve Smith, Joy Joy, and Mike.

I thought Mike looked hilarious sleeping by the fire.

The belly is still growing!

Tracy and Sarah, two of my best gals.

Mike decided to make a feast for the whole group. Here are the foil packets filled with potatoes, peppers, onions, corn and spices. He BBQ'd burgers and brats and I filled the dutch oven with green bean casserole. We ate it all! It was a delicious meal! Cooking in the campsite is one of my favorite parts of Indian Creek. The unregulated camping is all on BLM land, so there are no campgrounds, no water, no picnic tables, etc. It's all free and we love it.

Steve and Mike goofing around. They were happy boys this weekend because they brought the drill and were able to put up 3 new routes.

BJ in his pirate vest. He also had a sword and flag, and his dog wore a breast plate. He had to bag the eye patch because it made the climbing a little difficult!

Panorama from the 4x4 wall.

I am still climbing (though not leading).

Courtney, Dana, and Tracy. T dressed up as Rainbow Brite. This is a bad picture of her costume, but she had on a blue felt dress with white fur trim and striped tights and arm warmers.

Dana sends!

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I love your Blog! This is great, thank you. we all need tidbits of joy in our life.