Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My kid's response to the election!

Yeah, Obama! Some friends had an Obama-Rama last night to watch and (hopefully) celebrate the election. Thankfully, it was a celebration! I'm pretty convinced the babe can hear now, because something crazy happened last night. I have felt it move a few times, but almost imperceptibly and very infrequently. Until yesterday, I could only feel it if I was lying still and concentrating pretty hard. Last night, when CNN announced Obama had won, all of the Obama-Ramers cheered very loudly and the baby started moving, REALLY moving. For an entire minute or so, it felt like it was doing gymnastics in my belly. It was so strong that a friend put her hand on my belly and could actually feel the vibrations. I like to think I've made an Obama fan already!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't feel my baby move much until we had gone to see "Horton Hears a Who." Every time Horton said, "a person is a person no matter how small." She would flip summer saults. It was amazing. It's good to see that you are able to enjoy the experience.