Monday, November 17, 2008

It's a . . . . .!!

It's a Baby!! With two arms AND two legs! And hands! And feet with very tiny toes attached!! And two eyes and a nose (despite the fact that I dreamt it was nose less) and a mouth that opens and closes. We shielded our eyes when she measured the femurs so we wouldn't see the goods--that took A LOT of will power. Later, when she was working near that same area, the kid conveniently was grabbing its own package as if to hide it ("Sorry, mom and dad, you have to wait to see!"). So far, everything looks good and we'll get the official report later this week. My due date will stay the same, April 11th, as the sizes of everything today matched up with the date we had.

A perfect little footprint.

The munchkin's profile--eyes, nose, mouth, neck, and chest.

Mike and I went elk hunting from dawn to dusk on Saturday and saw nothing but prints. Mike saw two deer within about 25 yards and was VERY tempted to shoot one. The thought process went... I should shoot this deer, but I can't tag it. No tag means no getting it butchered. I don't have a garage to hang it in but I suppose I could put a tarp on the carpet in the living room...but Joy would probably then have ME butchered..." So we have no meat. Bummer, next year we will also have deer tags! We saw elk tracks everywhere as well as lion tracks. Mike had been out in the same area nearly every day last week after work and there were many lion tracks on top of his boot prints. I was glad to have a large caliber rifle in my hands. The area also happens to be a place where I trail run often, alone, and with headphones. I might think twice next time (or at least bring a slower friend with me).

Maybe the reason we didn't get anything is because I... to take naps instead of hike around.

Definitely not the clearest print we saw, but you get the idea. This is not a house cat!

Mike and his friend Chris Van Leuven have been working every weekend on a new route in Glenwood Canyon. They are calling it "The Horse and Pony Show" and if you know the two of them, especially together, it describes them PERFECTLY. They are a hilarious duo. The route is really hard (5.12a), mixed sport and trad, and about 500 feet long. They have put many hours into this project and Mike comes home after working on it all day as happy as he can possibly be! They leave the house by 7am on weekends and usually get home after 8pm.

Chris showed up at our house Sunday morning with a nice little scarf on.

So, Mike insisted on wearing a scarf as well. He took my fancy Irish scarf and returned it in perfect condition. I just thought it was so funny that these two boys were out being as tough as can be...and wearing scarves. Here's Mike with his serious face on, holding his big drill, and wearing his wife's scarf. What a cutie!

The route has great views of Grizzly Creek.


aubyn said...

Hurray for Healthy Baby! I cannot wait until we get to meet Healthy Baby :) Im going to call it HB for short ;)

Sleeping instead of hunting looks like my kind of outing!

Tell Mike good luck on his new route!

Love you both and HB!

Mike Schneiter said...

You left out that Chris and Mike are the founding, and only members of the legendary Team Danger - Mr. Guts (Mike) and The High and Mighty One (Chris). We're kind of like a WWF wrestling duo. Look out!

Anonymous said...

This baby has Joys profile, and is a punkin head. The lower half of his/her little face are forward, just like Joys. She/he looks perfect. Her foot definitely doesn't look like Grandma Megs or Nutting at all!! PTL!
G'ma and P'pa