Monday, November 19, 2007

Disco Inferno, Baby!!

Mike and I met up with our good friends BJ and Tracy for a weekend in Zion National Park. It was their first big wall experience, and we picked a doosie! Disco Inferno, for those of you that know Zion, is just to climber's right of Desert Shield and is on the shield itself. It is definitely a true Zion route, with lots of sand and scariness. Anyway, here are a few pics. I had a suggestion for fewer "mountain climbing" pictures and more of friends, etc. They are on the way, I swear! I think thus far, the only time we've remembered our camera is on trips.

Happy climber! This is me jugging the third pitch. You can see the Virgin River below.

BJ and Tracy cozy up on their portaledge. Don't worry, mom, we can't roll out of bed whilst asleep--we have multiple safety points tying us to the rock.

We actually brought a 12pack with us and didn't finish it. So, we left a present at the bivy for the next party. There is actually an old stove converted into a BBQ hanging from a drilled ice screw on this ledge (that is what the beer is sitting on) about 500 feet off the ground. It is a tradition to bring some charcoal and burgers up there. Unfortunately, we forgot that detail until we were already up, but our beans and rice was delish.

BJ, Tracy, me, and Mike after our climb, back on the ground. We went pretty much up the middle of the shield-shaped buttress behind us.

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