Thursday, July 24, 2008


A few days ago, I took my final board exam to become a Registered Nurse and I passed!! Yeah! I am now official :) You can call me Joy Schneiter, RN.

Mike and I are in Jackson staying at my parents' house for what will probably be the rest of our trip. It is truly wonderful to be here--peaceful, homey, the food's great, the company is even better, and I love the daily showers. My mom is on her way home from Prescott, AZ today. She has been there for the last 4 days supporting her mom and dad. My grandfather was just diagnosed with Stage IV lung, liver, and brain cancer and is spending his days relaxing at home with the help of my grandmother and some hospice nurses. He is 82 and has led a fantastic life, has been married 60 years, and has left a legacy of children, grandchildren, and (almost) great-grandchildren that all follow Christ. He and my grandmother traveled the world (and I mean traveled!!) together until very recently, he built and flew his own airplanes, and he made great efforts to involve the rest of his family (us) in his many worldly adventures. I have been trying to keep everything about his situation in perspective. While it is, of course, sad to be one left behind, we have to find comfort in the fact that he is just beginning. With someone like my grandfather, there must be a celebration of life (both his new life and the one he will leave behind) instead of lasting sorrow of death. So, thank you, Granddad, for the many ways you have taken part in my life.


Sharon said...

Congratulations, Joy!!!!

An RN degree is no small feat. My own mom was an RN for over 25 years, so I value the profession and appreciate the sacrifice.

I will be praying for your grandparents, mom, and you, as you look to the Lord during this difficult season and medical diagnosis.

Addie said...

Didn't get to say this, but congrats on passing the boards! You are a love, and I had a great time with you last weekend at the wedding.

Momica said...

Awesome tribute to your Grandad and a great man. CONGRATULATIONS on the registered nurse status. We are all very proud of you. You might want to brush up on the anatomy section of your nursing books- no wait a minute -that should be a veternarian anatomy book! Ha Wonderful time with you and your mom, thanks Micheal for the visit and change of plans!