Sunday, February 22, 2009

Better day

The day after I posted my previous post about the apartment, many of our friends volunteered to come help us clean. It was truly a heart warming experience. Pizza, beer, and friendship made a Friday night spent hauling trash and vacuuming feel like a good time. Here are a few "before" photos. The place looks awesome now!

Yummy cat poo...also adds a nice aroma to the room.

How we found the kitchen/living area.

The mural we had to paint over. Unfortunately, when they painted it, they did not cover the wooden stairs and spilled lots of paint on them.

The work force that stayed for hours cleaning, painting, vacuuming, etc. Thank you SO MUCH to Tracy, BJ, Katrin, Jimmy, and Shannon for the help!

After the rough week, today was amazing. BJ, Mike, and I did a ski tour near Marble on Mount Justice. It was a beautiful skin with fantastic views to an amazing and craggy summit and a fun ski down. I really needed a day like today--fresh air, exercise, two great men, sunshine, beauty.

Mike took a bunch of pictures of me--he kept the camera the whole day.

A nice place for a belly shot at 8 1/2 months :)

Fresh turns.

Mikey being a goofball back at the car. Nice avi shovel!

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lanerdoo said...

Looks like a cool place, when it is clean. Boo for bad renters.

Your belly looks so little in those ski pics. You're a wild woman, skinning and skiing and what not!