Monday, August 31, 2009

two fun weekends in a row

Last weekend, M and S flew and I drove to SLC for Mark and Katie's wedding. Beautiful scenery, delicious food, wonderful friends and family, aahh. It was a blast. I was so busy taking care of S that I did not get a single picture of Mark and Katie. Argh! Mom and Dad met us there and took S Friday afternoon and evening while I worked and drove up. In my dad's words, "S has a lot of endurance" (she cried for three hours straight for them). She is still getting used to the babysitting thing after being with mom and dad all day every day for the past 5 months. The girl has lungs, too.

Mom, me, and S at the wedding.

I started back to work for real this week and most of the students arrived today. I'm glad to have them back, but it was nice and quiet around campus with only faculty around. I think I've decided that motherhood is both better and worse, or easier and more difficult, than I thought it would be. The difficult part has come out this week while I've been working. It is really hard to leave S with a sitter, even if it's a good friend and I miss her while I'm at work. At the same time, I love my work, am glad I'm using my education, and this job provides an amazing opportunity for our family, namely for M to stay home part time. At the end of the day, I can't wait to see my girl and it is nice to feel that way, but sometimes I wish I could just be a stay at home mom. It's hard to know that that really will never be a possibility.

This weekend M had a class in Golden, so S and I saddled up and joined him and we all stayed with Hannah and Jarred. Their son Noah is nearly one year old, so the two babes played and we moms understood eachother. We hung out, walked, chatted, drank lattes, etc. H and I actually took the kids out for breakfast Sunday morning! Without the dads! We were so proud of ourselves and the eggs and hollandaise tasted fantastic after maybe a bit too much wine Saturday night. We can't wait to host them now!

A sweet pic of the Noaster.

S tried swinging for the first time and loved it! She takes after her mama.

Drooly babies on the floor.

Happily playing just before Noah stole S's toys. And so it begins...

A rare moment of two babies and two husbands, all eyes open, all looking at the camera.




aubyn said...

Great photos joy! That one of selah in the swing is my favorite...

Addie said...

Mine too!

And I hear you on the wistfulness of wishing you could stay home, even while you enjoy your job and all that jazz. Sigh.

I still have to meet that pretty baby of yours, before she is dating and sassy!

lanerdoo said...

I'm there, although, my babe goes to bed shortly after I leave for work. How fun that you got to visit the Freese fam... thanks for the cute pictures! Your tatas look awesome in the last pic ;)

meg said...

Just gotta say that i LOVE the shot of the dads with their babies. Noah is sooooo adorable, with his mommas eyes, so great! Such handsome dads with the cutest little ones ever.