Sunday, January 10, 2010

These days

So I am one of those moms that posts way too many pictures of her baby because she thinks her baby is exceptionally cute. Well, okay, fine. Here are the pictures anyway :)

Her new unfortunate favorite past time. She can unroll an entire roll with surprising speed. Then she likes to eat it.

Hanging with mom and dad at the gym.

Today we skied Snowmass with our friends Rob and El. Well, we didn't actual ski with them, just took turns watching the others' kid while the other couple skied. It was fun and we discovered a huge playroom open to the public.

It was in the low 30's, sunny, and clear.

Selah was really into the play area.

This girl has the most expressive face.

We bought a couple of pitchers for apres ski. We had free transferable passes, babysat our own children, and took the bus to park for free. We added up the savings as follows to justify 2 pitchers and a huge $18 plate of nachos:

  • 4 adult lift tickets: $392
  • 2 children in daycare at the ski area: $280
  • 2 vehicles to park: $50
For a total of $722...yeah, it's Aspen all right.

These two will play for hours and hours and hours if given the chance. They are a sight.

My best news of the day? My parents are taking S and I to Maui for Spring Break! The only bummer is that poor Mikey has to stay home and work!


Morgs said...

That video is just SO sweet! And great deal on the skiing!

Janelle Wilson said...

Baby carharts... could it be? I love it!

Reese said...

Do you and Mike have matching maroon down coats...or are you just wearing his...or is he wearing yours? :)

meg said...

Reese, they're matching. Down sweaters, all the rage in the cold climates. First one Mike ever owned that fit, and was his to start with. Ain't Christmas grand.
Love the laughter.

cathy said...

Joy, Selah is EXCEPTIONALLY cute! So keep pposting those photos!