Saturday, October 30, 2010

Really, it's been 3 months??

Wow, I knew I was a blogging slacker, but 3 months, really?! Sorry for all of you previously loyal followers... The combination of 60 hour work weeks, an 18 month old, XC season, and attempting to maintain an exercise schedule, well you get the point. Any how, here's a snippet of what's been going on with our little family.

Just after Tahoe, we went straight to Iowa for an extended visit. Many afternoons were spent at the pool because, in case you've never been to Iowa in July, it's freaking hot!

Selah loved this pair of goggles and wore them around for quite a while.

Iowa time was wrapped up with a family wedding. Here we with Mike's brothers, their ladies, and his mom, all dressed up.

August brought a Montana trip for a wedding on my side of the family (please forgive my lack of pictures of both wedding parties, I had to trim 3 months down somehow!).

I absolutely love this photo of 2nd cousins. Wish we all lived closer.

With September came the beginning of work for me and Mike and "school" for Selah. As much as I miss the heck out of her each day, she loves it. Most mornings, she puts her "pack pack" on and waits by the door.

Mike and I have enjoyed the minimal time we get together. It's been a gorgeous Fall in Colorado, like always, and we've gotten out to climb, hike, mountain bike, run, a little bit of everything. His XC schedule takes up most Saturdays and my on call schedule takes up pretty much the rest of them, so our time is limited. It's all or nothing for us--we have lots of time off (summers, holidays), but when we work, we work a LOT. We're trying to figure out a healthy balance and it has proven quite challenging.

Family hike day.

Daddy-daughter bouldering day. Selah got very excited about this little pothole on top of the boulder. I might be biased, but dang she is cute.

What would a tidbits of joy update be without a snippet on running? If I were honest, I'd say it took a full two months to recover from Tahoe 100. It was a completely different recovery experience than a 50 miler or marathon, where I feel normal after a few days. After Tahoe, I felt tired, heavy, and slow and didn't run farther than 10 miles for 2 whole months. For the first couple weeks of recovery, I slept until 10:30am every day (thank you, summertime!) and still felt ragged. Little by little, I got back at it and am now feeling fit again.

I have run 4 races since Tahoe, 3 of which were 5K's, 2 of which I actually won overall, and 1 where I got 2nd overall with the jogging stroller. The 4th was a half marathon in Denver. I know that doesn't sound consistent with feeling slow and heavy, but the competition was minimal at the races I won. The new 5K stroller PR is 23:00, also a small local race.

Family photo op at the Denver Rock N Roll Half Marathon. I PR'd with 1:37:49, but that was only good enough for 25th in my age group! Of over 9000 half marathoners, 1257 were women age 25-29. Mike ran 1:20:59, good for 3rd in his age category.


Flashback to one year ago. Times really does fly.


lanerdoo said...

OH Thank you! I've been waiting and waiting. Biased or not, Selah is dang cute, just a beauty, like her ma, grandma, and great g-ma. Ya got good genes :)
I marvel at your running. You make it seem fun when I know it would just be painful for me. It just would. Love you guys.

Lindsey K said...

you are not biased, that girl is cute. I love the updates too, sounds like a great summer. Glad you are doing good.

olga said...

If SeaLegsGirl reads it, she'll tell you that local or not, win is a win. But I am with you, it's about who comes out - although the times are very nice for those of us who are not bilogically mutated. Cute baby there!

Reese said...

Hooray for the update! So glad to see pictures of all the Schneiters. Good lookin' group. Here's hoping that work and such will slow down a bit for the holidays. Love to you.

Morgs said...

I was SO excited to see an update!! I can't believe how much she has grown! I'm glad you finally recovered from the 100 miler - it's amazing what can happen to our bodies sometimes! Congrats on your wins! Looking forward to some more updates in the (near) future! :D

aubyn said...

1. Joy in the red dress is smokin' hot!
2. How is every picture cuter than the last?
3. I am not yet recovered from your 100miler, so I can't see how you are! Ack!