Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goofy toddler is now a skier

Goofy blonde toddler.

The photo above is my favorite view from the far end of my normal Chariot route, a 7 mile hilly and traffic-free loop through a sparsely inhabited neighborhood. I've been thinking lately about how one's physical place of residence has such an impact on one's exercise patterns. I have always had standard routes from my front door, and I must say that this living space provides the best yet. I have a consistently snow-plowed bike path in several directions and this 7 mile loop is one of 4 possibilities on the course (it can be cut short 3 ways). If I were to live in a place without baby jogger friendly running routes or had to drive somewhere to exercise, I can imagine a decrease in the daily habit. From my last house, the most practical daily route was just 4 miles, now it's 7. Makes one wonder how much of a difference 20 miles/week makes.

Oh, yeah, and there's this....I'm assuming most of my readers are also my facebook friends and are aware of the fact that we're expecting #2 in July. For those of you new to this information, I'm 12 weeks and having a relatively easy pregnancy thus far. Minimal symptoms, mostly good sleep, mostly good energy. I was running fast until this week, when my pace went abruptly from about 8:00/mile to about 10:00/mile. I don't know if that's due to the fact that I'm recovering from a horrendous bout of bronchitis and quite wheezy or just because I'm pregnant. I definitely got slow last time, too. I am just SUPER happy to be running and was able to do 13 miles a couple days ago without a hitch. My first prenatal appointment was this week and everything looks like it's on course. We are planning another homebirth and will again be surprised with the sex.

Selah is now 21 months and SO FUN to be around. She snuggles, is a non-stop talker, constantly laughs, plays, loves school. We are truly excited to be bringing #2 into the world. Selah makes our world so much better, I can't wait to see what the next one does.

Selah very much looks up to her friend Juniper, who is a good example of safety.

Often when we run, Selah asks to get out and run herself. On this day a few weeks ago, she ran about 3/4 of a mile along a bike path. Impressive!

The three of us went to Jackson for an extended Christmas break, a wonderful time had by all. Like always, we played really hard (aside from the days that I laid on the couch hacking up a lung and watching episode after episode of "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant"--TV when you're sick after 11 years of a TV-free existence can REALLY suck you in). We also made GREAT food, skied skied skied, and talked talked talked. All of you that know my mom and me can attest to our, um... talking habits.

As soon as Selah figured out what opening presents was all about, she was psyched and wanted to open all of them herself. Luckily, the rest of the family graciously complied.

Mike made his yearly sugar cookies and included the now traditional cockandballs cookie for mom.

Mom, Dad, Selah and I skinned Snow King on New Year's. It was 0 degrees, balmy if you're from Jackson. The warming hut with a panoramic view of the Tetons made it quite worth the ascent.

Wes skinning up something in the vast Teton backcountry.

Mike, dad, me and Wes celebrating a great day of backcountry skiing.

Here's a picture of Dad topping out on Mount Glory. He rallies for a guy that's 63, really even for a 25 year old. The guy is fit and currently weighs the same that he did in high school, about as much as I do at 3 months pregnant. He is always lifting or doing lunges or pulling his big rubber bands around or begging to pull Selah in the Chariot while skiing. It's a pretty awesome thing to see that in my dad, especially when last Christmas break he didn't move off the couch due to a total knee replacement.

Mike has been volunteering two nights a week as a climbing coach for his high school students. He has about 40 regular attendees, including the quarterback of the football team, a few XC kids, and many that have never done a sport before. He and the other volunteer coach have raised several thousand dollars toward an indoor climbing wall at their school and have been able to purchase shoes, harnesses, ropes, etc to take the students climbing outside. Pretty neat!

This is Selah and me today!! I am SO excited about her new skis that arrived yesterday and so is she! A friend and I took her cross country skiing in the Chariot and brought her skis and boots along to try. She skied for about 20 minutes and kept asking for "more skiing Selah". She was able to balance well giggled louder and louder the faster we went. Tomorrow is teacher appreciation day (read: free lift tickets for me and Mike) so we're taking her to the lifts. I can't wait!!


lanerdoo said...

That is so great! All of it. Glad you are feeling well and continue to be impressively active. Selah is so stinking adorable and looks wonderful on her new skis. She is sure to follow right in her ma and pa's foot steps, already a natural athlete :)
Mike looks good in floral aprons, and yes.... you and your mom can talk!

Navigating the Mothership said...

I was excited to see a post from you since it had been a while and then I was REALLY excited to see that you are pregnant. Congrats! I'm also due in July - July 5. (5? 3? Suddenly can't remember). Oh wow. It's July 2. Clearly a little less focused on the specifics this time around. Ha! I'm curious to know how you are feeling about approaching unmedicated/natural childbirth this time around. I'm fully planning for another med-free experience, yet I can tell that I'm a little more nervous this time since I KNOW how it works. My "momnesia" never really kicked in. I'm also going to do the Hypnobabies supplement course (did Hypnobirthing last time) and I assume that will lower my anxiety and fears. Anyway, would love a post with your thoughts & perspective as you think ahead towards July!

PS - I'm always a bit jealous as you describe your relationship with your mom - you seem very close and like wonderful friends. I would LOVE to have that with Bella (my 19 month-old) some day.

aubyn said...

I can't tell you how glad I am that you and the family have a blog! I love love love reading about your adventures, seeing photos of everyone, and pretending to be a little fly on the wall sharing Christmas with you!

Olga said...

OMG, Joy!!! First of, Selah is a cutest baby girl out there! Secondly yay to your dad, and the whole family! And yes, wow, since I am not on FB, congrats on #2!!

Kate said...

Huge congratulations to your lovely wee family!! Wonderful news!

Joy Joy said...

I will write a post about approaching natural childbirth again. So far, my feelings have been similar to yours--a little more fear than last time. I think others would find a similar post helpful as well.


Morgan said...

I love seeing your updated pictures of Selah! She is growing so fast! I've followed you since before she was born so it's really neat to see her change. Congratulations on your second! That's so exciting? What is your due date?

Jessie Thomas said...

Hi Joy,
I am not at all sure how I found your blog but I did about a year ago. I feel a bit goofy writing but I've got to say I love reading your posts. I, too, just found out that I am pregnant. Thank you for being a mother, a go-getter, and being out there about your experiences. I live in MT and am a trail runner/ skier/...I am searching for information about fitness and pregnancy. Research on the subject is a bit shabby and inconclusive. Thank you so much for showing the world that a common sense approach to pregnancy just plain makes sense! Cheers to you and congratulations! ;-) Jessie Thomas

Joy Joy said...

People like you are the reason that I made this blog public. I really hope to show people that pregnancy is not a disability and there's no reason not to be active and adventurous. I also like to show that life doesn't end once you have kids, that kids are just an exciting addition to this wonderful experience. Check out Sea Legs Girl (you'll find her link on my blog), she is very informative and has done a ton of research on exercise and pregnancy, specifically running. Best of luck to you in your pregnancy! When are you due?

BTW, I spent my first 21 years of life in MT.

Lindsey K said...

Joy, there is just too much to comment on here I don't know where to begin! congrats on pregnancy #2, a Womack holiday makes me jealous, cock & balls cookie reminds me of Chad, and climbing with highschool students takes me back. That little lady is cuter every time I see pictures. I hope we get another opportunity to see eachother sooner than later!

Gailzee said...

This was a marvelous post! You are the poster child of living richly with what you love! But I have to say that is exactly what your parents did with you guys! You were very tiny when they first put you on skies! May the traditions continue!! Congrats on #2! A babe for each parent as you run, ski, climb, fish,.................etc!

Jessie Thomas said...

Thanks so much for the reply Joy. I look foreword to your future posts. I am due mid-Sept. I have also looked at Sea Legs blog. She is very informative but find that your blog speaks to me a little more. I have spent a significant amount of time in Glenwood Springs and lived in Steamboat for a while, I loved my time there. Currently my husband and I live in Missoula. Thanks again for being your brave-bold-and fun-self in the face of a culture of fear. Say hi to CO and I will do the same for MT. When you have time and if you want to answer...what part of MT are you from?

Reese said...

I, too, enjoyed your update and all the pictures. Makes me wish we lived in the same mountain town ever-so-much more! I can just imagine Meg's reaction to the cock and ball cookie :).