Sunday, September 9, 2007

4th of July, Rocky Mountain National Park

Some photos from our trip with Mark and Katie to Rocky. We backpacked in to Chasm Lake below the east face of Long's Peak (a.k.a. the Diamond) and climbed the face the next day. Good times had by all.

Mike and I being goofy, posing in the parking lot post run after driving in.

Home sweet home in the summertime! The mosquitoes kept us up all night with their incessant buzzing!

I love the sausage. :)

Breakfast at sunrise above Chasm lake.

The Diamond! From the snow line to the summit is about 2500 feet.

Mike and I on the last traversing pitch of the Yellow Wall. The face was extremely steep and intimidating. I'm glad to have done it, as every climber needs to do the Diamond at some point, but don't feel the need to do it again. (yet)

Mark and Katie met us near the top--they ascended via Stettner's ledges. Katie was trying to protect her sandwich from her new friend on the summit.

Glissading down back to camp.

Mike and Mark getting out of Chasm lake as fast as possible--yes, that is most definitely ice floating in the background.

Check out those pipes!

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