Sunday, September 9, 2007

Long time, no blog

So, it's been about 4 months since my last post--I'm such a slacker! Mike and I had a great summer with lots of playing, camping, climbing, running, and such...and not any blogging at all. We climbed the Diamond in July (Yellow Wall), spent a couple weeks in California's Sierras, and explored the Tetons in August. I ran another ultra, climbed the Grand Teton with my Dad (in a day) for his 60th, and spend a few more days romping around the Tetons in September with some girlfriends. Here are some photos...

Mom and I gave pedicures to the neighbor kids, and Mike couldn't be left out! We were there just after the 4th of July because Mike had a Wilderness First Responder course.

Happy on Baxter's pinnacle in the Tetons.

Mike and I on the summit of Baxter's.

We returned to the Tetons mid-August after leaving California to play in the mountains. My dad is such a stud! Here he is soloing a chimney on the Exum Ridge, Grand Teton (3 days before he turned 60). What a day! We left the trailhead at 7:30 am expecting to do a much shorter and easier route on a different peak. But, we were feeling good and decided to go for the big guy. I had forgotten what a massive mountain it is. 17 hours later, we stumbled into the parking lot and headed home.

More of dad on the Grand.

Me on the summit-at 5:45 pm!! (Waaay later than it should have been, but we had perfect weather and just went for it).

Summit shot. We forced these smiles, knowing we had 10 miles and 7,000 feet to descend before we were done.

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