Monday, February 18, 2008

Hawaii for Christmas!

My sweet parents took Wes, Stef, Mike, and me to Hawaii for Christmas and New Year's. We had a blast!! We stayed on Maui in a town called Lahaina and had a great condo right on the beach. Here are some photos from the trip.

We hiked through a bamboo forest to get to this waterfall.

What a feast!! My dad is a professional BBQer.

We took a day trip to Molokini and did some snubaing. It's a combination of scuba and snorkeling, and you swim with a 20 foot hose connecting you to oxygen at the surface.

We saw lots of sea turtles and learned that they can dive more than a mile deep and can stay underwater for 40 minutes without coming up for air. Wow.

Awww, newlyweds. So cute.

Mike, what are you looking at?!

The fam.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Just when you think the skiing party photos are great you go and top it with Hawaii!! Ha ha ha these made my day!
aubyn, again