Thursday, December 20, 2007

Photos and such

So, for those of you that were following the prior posts about the adventure race, Sari and her team ended up in 2nd place. Though they would have been super psyched on first, they were happy to finish as well as they did. There was a little welcome home get together when she returned, and I of course forgot the camera. A picture of her poor feet would have been great! They were incredibly swollen, blistered, and bruised. But, she was back on her skis today and in regular shoes.

Anyway, here are some photos of our friends and home.

Our great friends, BJ and Tracy. Mike and BJ are "choss twins". We went out for pizza a couple nights ago.

And here we are across the table being goofy.

Tonight, I went to Carbondale for a little ladie's Christmas dinner. Above are Lindsay, Jess, and Sari.

Me, T, and Jen.

Look at my beautiful new earrings! Katie Menghini sent them to me and I am so happy!

Here are some pics of our condo (for you Monica and Reese!):

The kitchen and loft above.

My teeny kitchen with an eclectic mix of colors.

Our bedroom, in an unusual state of cleanliness.

Living room, with the great purple chair we found for free on the sidewalk.

The back of the living room, fireplace, and deck.


Reese said...

Thank you, Joy!
Your condo is so "you" - colorful, fun, and functional :) We will miss you guys this Christmas but mostly we're just jealous that you get to spend it in Hawaii!


Polly said...

joy- i have the same earrings now!!!! i can't wait to see you at the festival! :)

Sari Anderson said...

Apparently I have not been on your blog since before Abu Dhabi - thank you so much for all the support!!!

Momica said...

Joy, What a great place! It reminds me of the condo you girls had the last years of college. Thank you for taking the pics! Talked to your momma yesterday and she said you had wonderful times there on the island. Oh how fun, we missed the family around the Christmas tree for the 2nd year. When are you guys moving to Bozeman? Love to you, Monica

Addie said...

Hey Joy-joy! Great pics - haven't been caught up in a while. I was also tickled to see the pic of little Blake and me in the background of your "new earring" photo. We made the Schneiter fridge! Wahoo!
Love & miss you!