Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Mike and I did a snowshoe race this weekend at the local ski area. Great fun! I had never run on snowshoes before, but ended up taking 4th in women and 2nd in my age group (under 45). Mike won the race last year, but the competition was better this year. He ended up in 4th overall, and 3rd in men (yes, a woman actually beat him! She was in my age group--a real stud). I was really psyched! Of course, we forgot the camera and have no pictures as evidence.

Also, one of my best buddies, Sari (see in the post below), is in Abu Dhabi for an adventure race right now. She races for Nike and her team is currently in 2nd place--just where they want to be right now. They are stronger in the events of the days ahead then the team that is ahead of them. The race is 6 days long and involves sea kayaking, desert running, running with a camel, rope work, mountain biking, and (best of all) inline skating. I've never seen Sari's rollerblading skills, but I'm sure she'll pull through. You can keep track of her progress on the race website if you're interested (click HERE). At the bottom of the race website homepage, there is a link to GPS tracking. While they are racing, you can actually watch their progress on the course. Abu Dhabi is 11 hours later than here. Below are some photos of the race.

Go Sari!!

Sari is the only female on her 4 person team and sometimes gets "towed" by the guys. If you look closely at the photo above, you can see the tether between Sari and her teammate.

Yesterday, they ran 87K through the desert like you see above. Here, Sari is charging ahead!

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