Sunday, December 2, 2007

The daily grind...

As most of you know, I'm surviving nursing school right now. And, truthfully, it's kind of a drag. I've always been a very positive person, but I've been having a hard time maintaining that during the Monday-Friday grind. I feel like I've been too busy to be a good friend, I've felt lonely and out of touch. My daily runs are my sanity (I guess some things never change!), and weekends with my sweetie are necessary for renewal. Things are changing (in the right direction), and there is light at the end of this nursing school tunnel. The hospital in which I've been working as a secretary for the past three years is pretty fantastic. In fact, my boss has decided to start training and orienting me as a nurse now, a semester before graduation. That is a pretty exciting thing for me--I've wanted to work in women's health from the beginning, and I get to start in the Birthing Center! So, May 3rd is graduation...just 8 short years after starting college, I will receive my Associates Degree (please sense the sarcasm there). That's a little sad, but I wouldn't trade my world-hopping adventures for anything--I probably learned more from them than I would have in the classroom.

Mike and I managed to get two backcountry skiing days in this weekend, despite the fact that I worked the night shift Saturday. We went to William's Peak this afternoon--it's very close to the local ski area, about 10 miles from our house. If we push it, we can get a run in house-to-house in 2 hours. Here's a little something from today:


Anonymous said...

Hey Joy
I miss haveing the whole family together at Holidays, but it sounds like we will see eachother next Christmas! Yay
As for getting through school, if you have a CD player alarm clock, you should have it play Europe's "The Final Countdown" that may get you pumped!!!
ha ha

Anonymous said...

I meant 'having' whoops.

Joy Joy said...

You're not the only one missing those get togethers!! I'm right there with ya, sister.