Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fun Saturday in the Mountains

Mike and I spent a fun day skinning up our local ski area (only the very bottom is open right now) and were rewarded with some fresh powder.

Going up.

Looking down from the top. We live in the valley below, about 10 miles from where this shot was taken. The clouds were beautiful today.


After skiing, we collected some firewood. This is Mike's new favorite past time. We bought a chainsaw this year and it has really been worth it. We have yet to turn the heat on and are trying to see how long we can last with just the fire place.

Happiness is a man playing outside in the snow...

Since we live in a condo, we have gotten creative on where to stow our firewood. There is also a big pile on the deck, and Mike's '79 pickup is full to the brim.

We finished the day reading...ahhh.

And I tried to make cookies...What's wrong with this picture??? (Mike still ate 'em)

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Momica said...

Oh Joy, I love the pics!!! The cookies--it's the thought that counts and way to measure your time and get it done! The snow how beautiful and your telamarking style is great--nice flick! Thank you.