Wednesday, December 12, 2007

more on Sari's race

Here are a few more photos of Sari's race. Team Nike did really well with the camels and was standing in first place this morning. But, the rest of the teams had a more difficult time. So difficult, in fact, that the race directors decided to nix all of the day's times and go back to the previous standings--which puts Nike back into second, but only by 3 minutes. To Nike's further disappointment, the directors decided to significantly shorten tomorrow's mountain biking leg. Biking is their strongest sport and they would most likely have made up significant time, cementing them in first place. Looks like they'll be vying for the win until the very end.

Sari adds a new talent to her repertoire--camel taming.

The teams were allowed to load up the camels with packs and water, but were not allowed to ride them.

Hiking through the dunes with their pack animal.

To see what Ian and Juniper are doing while she's gone, check out her blog on my link list.

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