Saturday, August 30, 2008

A New Adventure

As most of you know, this has been a great summer of adventures for Mike and me. We started off with a 50 mile trail race in Utah, then headed to California where my friend Sarah and I climbed The Nose of El Capitan (in 5 days, 4 nights) and Mike climbed the same route (in 14 hours 52 minutes) with his friend Steve. Those two single things kinda tired me out and the rest of the trip was quite a bit more mellow. We stayed and played in the Valley (that's Yosemite Valley) for a few weeks, then headed to San Diego for a Schneiter family reunion. We visited the Zoo and Sea World, which I originally saw about 18 years ago--(What cool places!) and 12 hours at each one felt rushed. We also had a lot of quality time with Mike's family. Somehow, I have a total of zero photos from San Diego (send me some, Marge, and I'll post 'em!). From SD, we headed North into the Sierras, then to Wyoming for some Womack time. While in WY, my mom and I took a detour to Montana for celebrations of two new babes and a wedding (Hannah is 37 weeks, Lane is 39 weeks and married!). To see many pics of our climbs, go to

After Mike and I both completed our respective El Cap ascents, we realized that although we knew we wanted to do more ascents like that, we were ready for something new. And bold. Basically the biggest adventure we could possibly imagine. . .

And, it turns out we are quite fertile, as we conceived precisely two weeks after stopping birth control. A funny side note: we happened to conceive in our tent on the day we climbed a route called "Positive Vibrations" on the Incredible Hulk :)

My first ultrasound last week, which showed a heartbeat, moving limbs, and a baby! The babe has acquired the nickname "the blueberry" because of my tendency to compare its size to common fruits.

Our first belly shot, taken August 1st, only about 4 weeks along. Not looking prego yet, but this month's shot will show more belly. We'll do one on the 1st of each month, with Mike as well to make sure he's not gaining a sympathy belly.

I found out I was pregnant while in Montana--without Mike. I went for a hike and brunch with my mom and her friend, Terry, and kept feeling nauseated during the meal. The night before, during Lane's rehearsal dinner, I had gotten up to pee about 15 times in 3 hours. And I was definitely feeling a bit more buxom than usual. I expressed these things to mom and Terry, and they got all wide eyed and excited and we drove straight to Target for a test. Back at Terry's house, those two waited like little kids outside the bathroom door while I peed, and we all started jumping and screaming in typical Womack woman fashion as the second pink line appeared. I tried calling Mike, but he was out climbing with my Dad in Jackson, so I ended up telling pretty much my entire extended Montana family before my sweet husband. I absolutely could NOT keep news like that inside! I called my grandma Claire to tell her and she was able to relay the message to my grandfather, who died the next morning 10 days after his cancer diagnosis. The circle of life continues...

Pregnancy is definitely more difficult than I thought it would be. I have learned quickly to NEVER judge a prego lady on her exercise and eating habits, because it is different for everyone. It has been difficult going from an ultrarunning big wall tough girl to a pregnant woman who is not only hungry constantly but can barely muster enough energy to do a daily 4 mile run. Sometimes I have to walk home from my run, sometimes I just don't have the energy to go at all. I have found that getting outside moving at least sometimes eases the nausea. And why on earth do they call it morning sickness? The blueberry insists this is an all day affair. I am a girl that is used to surviving mostly on fresh veggies and all I want to eat is thick chewy noodles with cheesy sauce. And crusty bread. And spicy coconut curry, which gets expensive when you're too tired to cook and order takeout!

I am trying to relish this time as I realize how quickly it will pass, but I am SO looking forward to my second trimester! Below are some pics from the summer that Mike didn't put on the other website.

The NOSE pics:

Finally Done! This is the two of us after hiking out--we were so tired and so proud! (And so stinky and dirty!)

Me connecting on the King Swing, a massive pendulum needed to connect two cracks on the route. We climbed about 80 feet up above where I am, Sarah lowered me down so the rope was free, and then I started running as fast as I could back and forth across the face to reach the next crack. The picture above is when I finally made it. It took me about 45 minutes and was very difficult.

Me leading the bolt ladder on the way to the Boot Flake.

Sarah on morning #2, on top of El Cap Tower. The edge of the photo is the edge of the ledge--that bivy was a little scary!

Me pointing to the topo a single pitch from the top. The route was 31 pitches and about 3000 feet long.

A close up of the topo. The advice was perfect--don't bail--and was given to Sarah and I in El Cap Meadows while asking some locals for information on the route.

One of many picture perfect summer campsites.

The mosquitoes were awful at the base of the Incredible Hulk, so we spent lots of time in the tent ;)

My folks in Jackson on a hike to Delta Lake.

Dad and I on top of Disappointment Peak, which is poorly named considering the fantastic view from the top. Mike, mom, dad, their friends Cary and Randy, and I all did the peak together.

Mama moose and baby at Lupine Meadows trailhead.

Our latest investment! Super Fun!


naomi said...

the fact that you can't do a 4 mile run every day, pregnant, does not make me feel sorry for you! :) i am extremely impressed you try! so excited about your news, hope you feel better soon!

Joy Joy said...

You SHOULD feel sorry for me, because I feel really sorry for myself! :) I'm not used to this whole low energy thing!

Reese said...

Joy Joy
So happy to see/read your update! Love it. I, too, can't believe you're still going on 4 mile runs. From week 7 to week 18, I was a literal couch potato. All I wanted to eat was cold cereal. Way to go on taking pictures each month...wish I would've done that. Love you!

Joy Joy said...

Well, I've skipped the run 3 days in a row now. I feel pretty good today so I lined up a friend to meet me and keep me motivated.