Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting moving!

My face has returned to normal, my sinus infection has cleared up (thanks to two rounds of antibiotics!), my thyroid is getting back under control, and I am nearing the end of my first trimester. The combination of these things has vastly improved my quality of life over the past couple weeks. I have been excited to run and have done so nearly every day. Last Friday, I was able to do a gorgeous trail run for an hour and 40 minutes (see photo below). The week before, I truly was starting to feel down, that I had no energy to do the things that bring me joy in life. I was feeling absolutely like a sloth and desperately needed some endorphins. I am now starting to feel like me again! Energized, excited about life! I am also starting to love my new job. The kids need my help, and nothing makes a happy nurse like helping someone that needs it. I've been able to utilize my assessment skills and have really learned alot. Today I learned all about the kind of parent I do not want to be while on the phone with a truly unique mother.

I took this photo of Mount Sopris on my run with my camera phone last week. The school where I work is in the valley, and you can see a distinct snow line at about 11,000 ft on Sopris.

Life is so good. Lane and Bing had their babe about a week ago, Hannah and Jarred had Noah just yesterday. Addie is glowing and our baby is quickly growing, nearing 11 weeks. We should be able to hear the heartbeat externally (with a Doppler) in the next week or 10 days, which is very exciting! The photo below is from google images of an 11 week fetus. So cool!


aubyn said...

Hey Joy,
thats a gorgeous pic! Not too many of those nice days left before the snow! (but im happy you have as much fun in the snow as you do in the sun!!!)
When do you get to find out the sex of you bebe?

Joy Joy said...

We're going to be surprised!

Reese said...

That first trimester is a real b**ch! Enjoy the next one, it is so much better. Really enjoying the fact that you are updating your blog so regularly. What produce are you comparing your little one to now?

Joy Joy said...

The babe is now the size of a lime. Truly incredible, eh? From a blueberry to a lime in just a few weeks.