Monday, September 29, 2008


Here's a shot of our school trip group on the first night (before the wet sleet/snow covered the camp). It was colder than it looks, probably around 25 at night. We woke up to frozen waterbottles and nobody wanted to leave their sleeping bags. Don't pay attention to the shorts--that student refused to wear pants! (Don't you all remember the days when we were just too cool to wear warm clothes?)

I found this sweet note on the back of the suburban I was driving when we got back to campus. We all had a good laugh.

Sari and I rode our bikes to the base of the Maroon Bells on Sunday before having a delightful lunch in Aspen. She towed her 15 month old daughter, Juniper, in the bike trailer. The Fall colors are absolutely amazing right now and, as you can see, the Bells aren't too bad themselves. (Check out that baby bump!)


Reese said...

You look wonderful...can't wait to see you with a big, round belly! (Actually, I can't wait to see you in 'be in your presence'.)Got your message tonight, will try to call you tomorrow (Tues).

Reese said...

Also, when did you get a suburban?

Joy Joy said...

It's the school's burb--I drive a hybrid Honda civic!

Hannah said...

I thought you bought a suburban too! I was like, "What the @#$%" You look great! Wear your sunscreen b/c pregnancy + estrogen + sun= devastatingly bad sunburns with possible swelling and certain peeling.

Joy Joy said...

Not to worry, I am a sunscreen fanatic and put on SPF 30 every day.