Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How We Roll-Photos of Roadtripping with a Baby

Road tripping with Selah has been pretty great so far. She seems to love sleeping in both the van and the tent and doesn't seem to mind the lack of schedule or being outside 24/7. Actually, she really seems to be enjoying herself and has started consistently sleeping through the night, or at least until 5 or 6am. We are having so much fun showing her around and dreaming of her climbing these walls some day. We have been in Yosemite Valley for almost a week now and will stay as long as it stays cool and we can keep scamming the system to stay in Camp 4 (there is a 7 day limit...poo). My parents are on their way to join in our fun. Even though mom grew up in San Francisco, she has never been here. I cannot wait to show her El Cap and point out the route that Sarah and I climbed exactly one year ago.

Yeah! Photo update from our trip thus far.

It was COLD when we got here! It snowed as we drove through Tuolumne (10,000 feet) on our way to the Valley and has been in the 70's for the last week. Compared to the more normal high 80's, it has been quite pleasant!

Selah's first time in El Cap Meadows. What a lucky kid.

S and I pre run. She is wearing the bonnet Reese made for her.

Where else can you run on bike paths to views of Half Dome?

Mike finished up his Master's Degree in the first few mornings we were here (Woot Woot!). I took advantage of the alone time and explored the bike paths throughout the Valley with Selah.

Notice Yosemite Falls in the background.

Selah's first bear encounter was pretty uneventful...

This is how Selah sleeps in Camp 4. She is usually in her Moses basket, which we move from picnic table to tent to crag etc. We think it is so cool that Selah is already sleeping in Camp 4! I had to wait until I was 22 to see this famous place.

Sarah's climbing partner hasn't arrived yet, so we have been able to hang out with her for the last few days. We ran almost 10 miles this morning.

How we bathe the girl on the road. Mike heated up water that we put in the water bottle and poured on her in a Rubbermaid in the back of the van.

Our (mostly) happy family.

S in the tent in Camp 4.

Hiking with S and S to crag at the Pat and Jack Wall.

I really just put this pic on because my Delts look nice :)

S in her happy little tent at the crag.


Addie said...

DAMN. I want those arms. Good on you for the adventure! Love that Selah is taking so well to is, but don't be sad that you were an ancient 22 before seeing Yosemite. I'm older than that and have never been, and I won't divulge the age of your sweet momma. ;) Give everyone loves from me!

Hannah said...

I'm so happy it's working out with the wee one, she looks pretty comfy and happy to me! Happy belated birthday and we can't wait to see you all at Judd's wedding! I haven't seen Yosemite yet either.

Reese said...

Thank you for the update and all the pictures! So happy that the Schneiter Summer Adventures can continue even with a babe in tow. You guys never cease to amaze :)

cathy said...

love the photos of your road trip and little Selah! Can't wait to see you all at the wedding. Mike, congrats on finishing your masters!
love, Cathy

grandma marge said...

thank you -- JOY; photos are great; Selah looks so happy!!! Congrats to Mike to finishing his Masters!!! Anxious to hear all about your trip.

Anonymous said...

haha... thanks for the honesty on your climbing pic..we all appreciate it.. you know it's also b/c you LOVE top roping..
reminds me of the "top ropers unite" movie at your place earlier on this year! :o)

i hope you and the fam are having a Marvelous time! ... i am so jealous. keep loving every min of it!

.. one more thing.. the bonnet is so cute on miss Selah!


Stef said...

Love you guys. Hope to see you soon!