Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally some photos!

We have been playing hard in Yosemite and Tuolumne (the northern part of YNP) and have had no internet or cell service in quite a while. I'm not gonna lie, I kinda like being disconnected.

Mike and I have learned a ton about traveling with a baby and every day we talk about what we could put into a book or on a new website. We thought we might call it "The Dirtbag Baby" or something like that. It would be all about how to keep your baby and your self happy while roadtripping and trying to climb, bike, run, etc. This has definitely been the best summer roadtrip of our relationship thus far.

Here are some photos and a little info. More to follow....

Mike climbed the Salathe, a route on El Cap, when my parents came out.

My parents came for a week and we taught them all about how to scam the system in the Valley (there is a 7 day camping limit and you have to be creative to stay longer). Now my dad thinks he's a felon and has thought of all kinds of new ways to break the law since he's already done so.

We took S up her first Tuolumne dome, Lembert Dome.

Mike took Dad climbing a couple times. Here Dad is on Cathedral Peak, a 6 pitch 5.6. Dad was so proud of himself! They had a great time.

The Ergo puts S to sleep almost instantly. Here we are hiking out from Cathedral.

S and I atop Pothole Dome, aka FlipFlop Dome. Tuolomne Meadows is a world away from Yosemite Valley. There are many fewer people, the air is cool and crisp, there are no Nazi park rangers, the camping is easy and you don't have to be in line at 5am to get a site. We love it. Why go to the Valley? 3500 foot tall granite walls.

Mom and babe.
I managed to get two 20 mile trail runs in last week, thanks to Mike being a pro Dad. Sarah joined me for the second one and I felt awesome. It is GREAT to be back at it.


meg said...

Nice to see you all. That last shot is Selah now, and Selah at 27. Both beauties. Hugs and smooches.

grandma marge said...

You are right about that Meg. Selah is a real beauty. Thanks, for the pictures!!! I miss you all!!!

aubyn nutting said...

Maybe you could write the book in your "spare time". he he he
great post, joy!