Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Pics

Papa teaching S how to climb.

S got a bath on the shore of Tenaya Lake. We put water in a black dromedary bag in the morning, set it in the sun for the day, then filled water bottles with it to pour over her.

We took S to the beach of June Lake. It was pretty windy and the water was cold, so she wasn't really into swimming. She did have fun laying in her little tent thing, though.

The girl loves playing in the dirt.

She loves being naked even more. Here, she and Mike are playing at our camp site near Clark Canyon.

Walking with Papa puts her to sleep.

Mike and I have started self-belaying while climbing just the two of us. Mike either rope solos or we belay eachother to put the line up while Selah sleeps. Then, we take turns self-belaying with the Cinch (you could also use a Traxion or GriGri or other autolocking device). The remaining rack is clove hitched to the bottom of the line to add weight--it makes the rope feed itself easily through the Cinch. This way, one of us can be playing with Selah while the other climbs. One of the many ways we've adapted to life with a baby!


grandma marge said...

Selah is so happy; and Joy you look pretty good in that bikini!!! Hugs and kisses for everyone!!!

Anonymous said...
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