Monday, September 21, 2009

Just a few more days!

The verdict is in.... Private it is. If you want to be able to read, you need to send me your email address or I cannot invite you to read the blog. I have received lots of emails from old friends that are regularly reading--what a pleasant surprise! 

Again, email me at tidbitsofjoy AT hotmail DOT com if you want to be invited to read this blog.



Cassia said...

oh yes, i am an invited guest to the joy joy party! happy you had a great time with your momma. saw mike with the XC kids up at p-creek yesterday driving the big yellow bus-- what a guy! peace and love to you both this week! C

Heidi said...

Hello Joy,

I always see you so briefly around campus. I really do want to hang out sometimes. Lets make the time, maybe get the families together.

Let me know if you need anything. Thank you for letting me in your circle.

Can I get copies of some of your outdoor blogs so that I can post them on my site? said...

Hi Joy!

Thanks for the invitation to view your blog. I enjoy reading about all the different adventures you and your family have together! You've been a huge inspiration to me during my pregnancy - trying to stay active, eat healthy, and enjoy God's good creation. Thank you!! None of my friends who have been, or currently are pregnant, have been very active during their pregnancies, so I've drawn much of my determination to stay fit from reading about all the things you did up to the time Selah was born. People here call me "hard core" - I just laugh because I think of you as being "hard core" with all your running! :)

Blessings on you and your family,

sea legs girl said...

Hey Joy,

I never got a chance to say how touched I was by what you wrote about my blog!

Let's just say the feeling is mutual. SR and I love reading about your, Mike and Selah's happy and adventurous lives.