Sunday, September 20, 2009

The private thing

So I really hate to go private and am considering not doing so. I love looking through people's blogs who I don't know and have found a lot of inspiration in the blogosphere, especially while I was pregnant. I loved finding Sea Legs Girl, the awesome Danish runner who ran A LOT of miles through her pregnancy. I loved reading home birth stories on Kate's blog that gave me confidence to do a home birth myself. I loved writing Selah's birth story for the world of pregnant bloggers to read. After my last post, I received a flood of emails and comments and learned that many people are reading on a regular basis, and I would hate to shut anyone out. However, I decided to go private for a reason. A couple of weeks ago, some creep put an icky (and now deleted) comment on my blog about my baby. It scared me. I am now trying to weigh the risks of having a public blog that both nice people and creeps can read. I have still not decided 100% whether to privatize or not. Any insight from you, my dear readers, would be appreciated.

And on to the rest of what's going on...

M was able to spend about 2 1/2 weeks with his mom in Iowa and I had about 9 days. It was a special time with family and S provided much needed comfort for her grandma.

Grandma and S snuggling, the way the spent most of our time there.

So sweet. Daddy loves his little one.

M's mom and brothers and their women.

The boys played football.

S LOVES her uncle Brett and I think he likes her too.

S and I flew back into Denver from Iowa, met my mom at the airport, and visited with Hannah and Noah for breakfast and a trip to the farmer's market. My mom and I bought fresh golden beets for Hannah's delicious beet, green, and bean warm salad. If you ever need a way to use your beet greens, let me know, it is delicious.

S admiring herself in her crib mirror.

Mom and I goofing around. We spent one night figuring out the camera on my computer and took lots of hilarious pictures. Mom spent the entire week here to help me while M was with his mom. She is amazing. My child was happy and slept well and often. My house is spotless and all of the projects that I was putting off are done. We drank too much wine and ate amazing food together every night. She refused to let me do a single dish because I worked all day. I can only hope to be such a blessing to S some day!

She is trying REALLY HARD to crawl at just 5 months. She can't sit up yet and doesn't seem to want to, but she does want to move. I think we have a little independent thinker on our hands.


kmh(-p) said...

joy, i have to admit that i love your blog, brooke let me know about it awhile back and i love seeing how you are doing. i guess that makes me a little bit of a creeper, but it is so nice to know that someone that was a big part of my life at one time is doing so well. s is beautiful. thanks for sharing, katrina

Joy Joy said...

KMH! No way! I must admit, I have googled you to try and figure out what you're up to and am so glad you commented! Please send me an email to so I can add you to the blog.


Mapp said...

Hi Joy,

I have been following your blog all through my own pregancy, and keep on reading now that my son is born (a month next Sunday!). I am myself a runner and a climber, and it is so cool to read about your adventures and being able to relate. I hope I will be able to keep on reading, whether or not you decide to go private!


Olga said...

Joy, I come to your blog on occasions, and commented a couple of times too. Please add me on, if you don't mind.

aubyn said...

I want to bust the knee caps of that rude blog creeper! What I lack in boxing abilities i make up for in BRASS KNUCKLES

Let me know early, cause I don't actually own brass knuckles...
Love you and your family!

Kate said...

Aww look at her, she is almost crawling - wow!! It won't be far off - and then watch out, early walking will be next - my middle girl did the same thing - crawling at 5 months, walking just before 9 months and hasn't stopped since! (She's 3 now).

I so understand the private blog thing - I have a private blog where I post photos etc and I feel like I talk more freely there, but not as many people read because it's a bit harder.

Polly said...

hey joy- i am sorry to hear about your loss. please know that eric and i were/are thinking and praying for you guys. i'm really sorry it has to be that way....

i would go private- we'll still all be there! include me in the list of your faithful followers.

meg said...

I just love my little gerber baby doll!! I am so happy to see Katrina is visiting and keeping in touch with your blog! Hugs to you Katrina.