Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I took Selah in for her well baby check this afternoon and here are her latest stats:
length: 27.5", 25th percentile
weight: 16 lb 9oz, 5th percentile
head: still huge

She is going down in the percentiles but the doc isn't worried at all. She is a busy little bee and just a bit slender. She got an A+ for health today.

Nice hair.

Sunsets are one of the reasons we love this place.

Daddy and his girl.

Mike, S, and Margie on a walk. She left yesterday and we're so sad!


Womack and Associates said...

Back to being fuzz head!

Marie-Aline said...

did the doc give her an A+ for hair as well?!

As for the sunset, it does deserve an A+ as well. The ones around here are pretty cool too, so if ever you come to Europe, come and visit us, and we'll go running, babies, Chariots (and husband if they ask nicely) in tow...