Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Selah's "Wake Up Call"

Recently, Selah has been waking up from a night's sleep or a nap not with a scream or a cry but the pounding of a picture frame against the wall. This afternoon I didn't hear a peep until I heard the steady beat emanating from her room. She busied herself with quiet play for several minutes before I went in, camera in hand. My mom will love the sight of her hugging the baby doll she gave Selah on her 1st birthday. Then, I prompted her to repeat her "wake up call" for everyone to see.


meg said...

Love it, love it. What a happy little one.

Unknown said...

she is so sweet!!!!!!

Hannah said...

Is the crib on wheels!? I imagine the picture is the first on many things she'll get a hold of from the crib. Noah ripped down his curtains. His crib is on wheels so we pull it out to the middle of the room for every nap and night time,b/c he destroys anything he can possibly reach or throw something at from his crib.