Sunday, April 4, 2010

Old Selah Videos

Yesterday was Selah's first birthday and we had a pretty raging party as far as kid parties go. More on that later but first, my mom and I were looking at old Selah videos from last summer before we went to bed last night. We were amazed at how much she has grown and how much of her personality you can see in those early videos. So, here's some old Selah stuff:

I don't know if we ever showed this video to anyone, out of fear that people would think we were bad parents, giving our kid sugar at an early age. During the summer we often take ice cream/snack breaks in the afternoon and one day I bought a couple gummy worms, which turned out to be the perfect thing for Selah to suck on.

Here's some video of us climbing in the Tuolumne area of Yosemite National Park, right around when Selah turned 3 months.

More video of Selah at about 3 months old during our time in California. Here she's just talking and being cute, what else does she do?

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