Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pictures :)

Grandaddy has been reading to Selah every night since daddy can't be here.

Even though S braved a 15 mile hike in the backpack yesterday, she still had a smile on her face for today's backpack ride.

If you look closely, you should see a praying mantis oriented vertically and facing right. We came upon this 5 inch long insect on our hike today and she was beautiful!


Meg said...

That sunny little girl is more full of giggles and smiles that we could have ever imagined. She is a carbon copy of you Joy, and I am not speaking of how she looks! Smooches.

lanerdoo said...

I can't believe Selah is almost one and I STILL haven't met her! Big plans for a party? HA!

Reese said...

Little Selah Claire is almost one!??! My goodness, the years are getting shorter (or faster) it seems :). Love to you all.