Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 3 in HI

Today was a big day in Hawaii. Sleeping, breakfast, morning nap (Selah), snorkeling, beach picnic, afternoon pool time, wine/sunset time, shrimp dinner, now blogging. Whew! I am so tired :)

S didn't realize she had a flower behind her ear, so I had dad take some photos.

Trying to make her smile for said photos...

Checking out the Hibiscus.

Playing on the beach with Grandma.

Too cute after eating sand. She loves this place. It is just awesome to let her go wild outside, there is nothing she can't get in to or eat or break, she is just free.

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Lindsey K said...

What a punkin, that little girl of yours is a sweetie. Looks like you are getting some great quality r&r with your folks, tell them hi for me and keep soaking in that sunshine!!