Saturday, March 13, 2010

Race Day

Mike, Selah, and I all raced this morning at America's Uphill, a 3267' climb over 2.5 miles from the bottom of Aspen Mountain to the top. With a 7am start, we woke up at 4:30 to make the drive. Caffeine is a beautiful thing. Mike ran a very respectable 52:42, taking 14th place in a very competitive field. I carried Selah in the Ergo and made the ascent in 1:14, good enough for 29th woman and 5th in my age group. It was so steep that I did not run a single step. The winner, Ricky Gates, ran an impressive course record in 40:26 and was apparently the only person to run the entire race. I decided to race last night and wasn't even sure they would let me with a baby on my back. Since Selah and I leave for Maui tomorrow morning, I wanted to be nice and sore for the day of sitting on the airplane. When I asked this morning if I could race with her, they shrugged their shoulders and said, "I guess so", so I went for it! Selah was bouncing, squealing, and laughing in my ears at the start, excited about all of the people and action. But the early morning caught up to her fast and she decided to take a snooze for the second half of the race. Fun day! Too bad I forgot to bring the Iphone for pictures!

I ended up having a pretty good week of training. Last week was absolutely crazy busy at work and I ran a total of about 8 miles the entire week. It left me feeling a bit stiff and slow at the beginning of this week, but I feel back to normal now. I am terrible about keeping a training log, but here is what I think I did:

Sunday: 20 miles with El and Ashley (they pushed the pace and it was HARD!)
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 7.5 miles, felt pretty slo
Wednesday: 6.5 miles in the morning easy, 7.5 miles fast in the evening
Thursday: hiked Red Mountain with Sari (who is 36 weeks pregnant AND was carrying her 2 1/2 year old)
Friday: 7 miles with El, felt fast, 10 mile bike ride with Mike and Selah
Saturday: Race, America's Uphill

for a total of about 56 miles, right on track for where I should be with my upcoming racing schedule. My weakness? I have yet to do a situp since having Selah and my core is still very floppy. The problem is that I DESPISE doing core work... I might just deal with floppy abs.