Saturday, February 5, 2011

She's figuring it out

Today was a very successful ski day for the girl! She bumped up her normal 3 runs to about 10 and was all smiles all day...well, most of the day. She is just 1, so we can't be too picky! She has learned to ski with much less assistance and now gets speed checks from us here and there, but often will ski long stretches by herself. It is SO FUN to see her learn and to see how fast she improves. She'll be schooling me by the time she's 4! It turns out that all of the Aspen mountains have free skiing for kids under age 6, so we get several more years of this.


5 minutes into the ride home, love those active days.


meg said...

Love how she is skiing down the hill having fun, then just wants a Daddy hug nothing else.

weather said...

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Morgs said...

That is SO sweet! She's going to love the outdoors as much as you guys! That's great! WTG Selah!

lanerdoo said...

I love it. She is just so mellow, go with the flow. "Ya mom, put some slippery planks on my feet and let me slide downhill, I'm game" :)

She just keeps getting prettier and prettier to boot. Good luck with that. I'll send you a big stick, HA!

Momica said...

Hey Joy and Mike, We are soo excited for your new bundle of Joy and Mike headed your way this summer!!! Wish we could all get together some weekend this summer and see each others faces. Hope the days are pleasant and without sickies.