Sunday, January 18, 2009

Belly Rubs

I had two absolute strangers rub my belly today without asking or even having a conversation first. While this did not really offend me, I found it kinda awkward and weird. I just don't think that I would ever think it would be okay to touch a stranger's belly without being invited. Do any of you other pregos (or mamas) out there have similar experiences?


aubyn nutting said...

i don't think I would ever do that... Maybe its because you are so good looking! ha ha

holly gannett said...

YES I had that happen VERY frequently actually! But I lived in Mississippi at the time and well it's just DIFFERENT there :) I also had doors opened for me and people STARE at me like they had never seen a pregnant lady before (this happened pretty much everyday)!

I have been meaning to write on your blog, it's funny I ALSO read your blog frequently. And yes we must know each other through the grape vine of people. Anywho you look great and good luck with birth, can't wait to see pics of the little guy/gal.

Anonymous said...

Crystal again: This happened to me quite a bit. But like Holly said, I live in the south. It wasn't really disconcerting until my sister did it and she was rubbing my tummy like it was her tummy and that was ackward.
In the next month you will have people saying "wow you're about to pop any day now huh?" and "Are you sure it isn't twins," and "wow you are huge." How people don't know that is not a compliment is beyond me. I got irritated with the greeter at WalMart who kept telling me they had the sit down carts for women who are pregnant - if I wanted one. I impressively refrained from saying "It's a baby not a missing limb."
One of my neighbors I had just met while walking in my last month said something that sounded very southern old-school. She said, "I see that you are great with baby." It sounded almost biblical.
Once you have the baby it gets worse. People who think you don't have enough clothes on the baby (when it's 102 outside in August) people who think your baby is overdressed. People who will tell you exactly what you are doing wrong with your baby when she's had a sore nose from the cold she got days ago and you've been trying to figure out how the keep it from chapping from the nose blowing (Bert's Bees chapstick works really well for this by the way.)
You no longer are a single solitary person worthy of personal space in the eyes of the village because you are about to have a child.
When they harass you just say "Thank you." and walk away. That is the best advice I have received so far as a mom.