Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ouray Ice Fest Ladies' Weekend

Dana Richardson, a friend from Boulder, recruited Sarah, Tracy, and I to volunteer for her at the Ouray Ice Festival this weekend. While we thought we might actually have to work, she had in mind for us to hang out, socialize, smile, and participate in the myriad fun ice fest activities. And fun we had! She treated us to a hotel, great food, and introductions to many new fresh faces. Not one of us did a single pitch of climbing, but we still had a blast.

Sarah Selling, Dana Richardson, Tracy Wilson, and I on Saturday hanging out in the AAC booth. It was sunny and warm!

Tracy and I.

New friends Stephen Koch and Vijay Vsomething (turns out Stephen knows my folks-small world).

Dancers at the Saturday night Petzl/Arc'Teryx party. I actually stayed up and danced until 1:30am, way past baby's bedtime.

I ran into an old friend from Bozeman, Whit Magro. His wife Kimberly is also preggers, due about 4 weeks after me!

Dana working (it) at the door. It was a beach themed party, hence the costumes below...

Some were great,

Some were amusing,

Some were goofy,

And some were just utterly tasteless. This guy initially entered the party sans the black pants, but the bouncer at the door took his job VERY SERIOUSLY and made him clean up his costume. Luckily, I only saw him after the bouncer met with him. (Tracy, send me the REALLY tasteless costume photo and I'll post it.)

Sarah and T relaxing post "work", pre party.

Pretty icicles hanging off of our hotel balcony.

Tracy is always cold and likes to walk around dressed like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Here she shows that she is wearing 7 layers: sport top, wool tank, wool long sleeve, 2nd wool long sleeve, soft shell, down jacket, synthetic puffy jacket. It was 35 degrees outside. We still love her.

Happy volunteers.

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I am so glad you guys were there!