Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First home visit

Jasmine, our midwife, came to our home for a visit today. It was a wonderful experience. Mike and I both felt... well... at home. It's pretty unique when your husband can crawl onto your own bed next to you to be a part of an exam. She brought over the inflatable birthing tub and we went over the list of remaining items we need in the house before the delivery--pretty basic stuff, more towels, some rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, electrolyte drink, etc. As D Day gets closer, Mike and I get more and more excited and comfortable with our decision to have a home birth. (At the same time, we are okay and realistic with the fact that there is a chance we'll end up at the hospital.) We decided we'll set up the tub in the living room where I can be in the middle of everyone and there will be plenty of room. It connects to the washing machine's water supply with a hose.

Here, Jasmine is listening to the heart beat with her cool wooden fetoscope.

Jasmine feeling the baby's position. Munchkin is head down, but seems to twirl around on its head, as the butt moves from side to side constantly.


Anonymous said...

Where are Jasmine's scrubs? OK, just kidding. Looks...relaxing...at this point anyway.
Love you three,

aubyn nutting said...

Look at your belly! I can't wait till baby comes out and we get to meet baby!
Is your due date still April?

Joy Joy said...

Yes, still due April 10th

lanerdoo said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see you all and smooch that sweet little babe. April is a great month for babies(Bing and his brother are April babes, Julian is the 10th too). Yippeeeeee!