Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend in the Dez

Mike convinced me to head to the desert this weekend for a little climbing (him), hiking (me), and camping (us) with our Durango friends Steve and Kristen. I say he "convinced" me because I was appropriately afraid that I would not be able to sleep on the ground, especially considering I can't even sleep in my own bed these days. I didn't sleep a wink, but I dare say it was worth it. The days were beautiful and blue, a welcome respite from the winter and a taste of Spring around the corner. Saturday evening was filled with yummy food and great conversation amongst friends. Kristen indulged me by staying at my pace for the weekend, hiking around and watching the boys climb--what wonderful company!

Mike took this photo of K and I above their route. We all hiked to the top and the boys rappelled in to begin their climb.

They climbed this beautiful splitter on Sentinel Spire, a 4 pitch route called Medicine Man, 5.12.


Today (Sunday), K and I left the boys while they climbed the above tower, aptly named "Defecating Monk". If you look closely, you can see the monk facing to the right of the photo, squatting to drop a turd out of his anatomically correct behind.

I dropped K off up above the Monument, where she ran the Monument Trail down through the Monument to meet me and the car at the other end of the trail. It was perfect--she got some real exercise and I could hike alone at my poky and very pregnant pace. She got about 9 miles in and I did 4 or 5.

The boys' sarcastic register entries atop the Monk. The tower looks much bigger than it actually is (about 30 meters) and apparently the climbing looks much better than it actually is.

Happy despite the tower's shortfalls.

The boys attempted a second tower this afternoon while K and I soaked in some rays. I got my first sports bra tan of the season!


Anonymous said...

The desert looks wonderful. Sleeping is in your future.
Spring is here as well. Sun is shining, and warm. Taking your cousin Chad in GTNP tomorrow to xcountry ski under the Tetons. Love your basking in the sun photo!!!
Hugs, Ma

Reese said...

Meg, who are you kidding? Joy, sleep is NOT in your near future with an infant on the way. No worries, you will it handle it with a great attitude...just like you handle all things!

Joy Joy said...

Maybe she meant "in your future" as in, you know, 18 years or so from now...

Morgan said...

Your pictures are just beautiful! I admire your activeness during your pregnancy. I haven't done so well with that do you do it?

Joy Joy said...

I find that exercise is much more difficult than I am used to, but I still do it because I know I need it, I know I will feel better afterwards, and I know it is best for the pregnancy. My desire for fresh air and a good sweat is still there, despite the large bowling ball growing in my belly!