Sunday, March 22, 2009

Picture update!

My awesome mom actually swept my walls and ceilings for me. She cleaned things I didn't know were meant to be cleaned. My house looks better than it has EVER. Now I better hurry up and have this baby before Mike and I mess it up!

Mom and Mike on the dirtbike.

Mike rode the bike up to go backcountry skiing last week. He looked silly with skis strapped to his back!

More motorcycle pics. Our sweet 72 year old upstairs neighbor leaned over her deck as I was getting on and asked me if that was a good idea. I just smiled :)

Rob and El took it for a spin, too.

Sari, her radiant smile, and Juniper came over along with Rob and El for a little BBQ last night.

Really pregnant ladies look funny when they hug.

Mike and our friend Bobby skied Mount Sopris this morning. What a gorgeous start to the day. Mike has been great about staying in cell reception now that I'm ready to pop. He actually called three times on the tour today!

Bobby with his tough face on.

My sweet and happy man playing in the mountains.

Sopris has a spectacular rocky ridge to the summit.

Tracy and Sarah threw me a baby shower about a month ago and I just picked up the photos. This one is of Tracy getting a good squeeze from Amee.

All the lovely ladies in attendance.

Sarah, me, and Tracy.


lanerdoo said...

Yay! Thanks for the update! You look adorable and happy in the last leg of your pregnancy. I'm still sad that I missed you and all the other gals while you were here and I hope to see you really soon.

Love you Joyful!

Hannah said...

That pic of you prego's hugging is really funny! You're looking great and have such a great, patient attitude, it can get tough at the end! I remember sitting in our hot August apartment (no AC)watching the summer Olympics in a sports bra eating frozen grapes all splayed out on the floor in front of the fan whining to Jarred about when the baby would come. You look like your handling it a little better!

Anonymous said...

You look radiant! We are all so excited for you and I am sure things are going to be perfect! Happy Birthday to Mike and I love the babe's room! And I love you too!