Saturday, March 21, 2009

37 weeks and change

Mike and I had our second and final childbirth education class today--poor guy had to hang out inside on a 70 degree Saturday! He's out climbing for the afternoon, so I should have a happy man tonight. Homebirth childbirth ed classes are brief--we get to skip everything about hospital protocols, pain relieving drugs, etc. Basically, we have learned that nothing will happen to either me or our baby without our permission and that Jasmine (our midwife) essentially just allows my body to labor in its own way, free of interventions. There will be no time limits, no coached pushing, no forced starvation. As I like to say, we'll just roll with it. I can honestly say I am entering this process with very minimal fear. I expect that my body knows what to do and that I am capable and strong. I expect our baby to be fine and do not fear birth defects or complications. I feel at peace.

Jasmine did another home visit with us yesterday. I am right on track and she doesn't anticipate an early arrival (even though losing the plug got my hopes up a little). I am about 30% effaced and the baby is nice and low, so it could happen tonight or in a month. She eased my tension about expecting the baby any moment and I feel much more relaxed now. Plus, I still feel pretty darn good (especially for being sooo pregnant) and actually went for another run yesterday, just to see if I could. I did my regular 4.2 mile loop from the house that I run all the time while not pregnant. I ran most of it (well, maybe waddled is a better description) and walked some. I'm going to try to do the same today. Who knows, maybe it will shake things loose a little. Running itself is not too painful, but when I get home and relax for a bit, everything tightens up and I have a hard time walking. Even so, I just can't help myself. It is REALLY hard to take the runner out of the girl. Speaking of running, read El's post comparing birth to ultramarathons. It is great! She is a week overdue right now!

Mike took me for a dirtbike ride last night. NOTHING compares to riding a dirtbike on a bumpy road to get contractions moving. (He is taking El for a ride tonight). I had to make him stop just so I could get off the bike and breathe a bit. When I get closer, I could see doing that every night!


aubyn nutting said...

Thanks for the update, Joy! I love to hear about what is going on :)

Addie said...

ME TOO. Because I want up-to-the-minute updates kind of all the time. Just to know. And I'm sorry your momma had to leave before blueberry's arrival - hope that wee one comes soon!