Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last pregnancy turns??

Sweet Mikey took me to Sunlight (the local ski area) this afternoon for a few after hours turns. It felt great to get some good exercise, even if the lap took about 2 1/2 times longer than normal. A friend of mine, Julie Kennedy, did the same thing 18 years ago and gave birth to Hayden the next day. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

After a week of 70 degree weather, it has been tough to get back into winter mode. This is a view from our deck from a few days ago, before the snow started sticking to all the trees. It has been snowing all week long! Sunlight had 15 inches of fresh snow today.

Big Belly Mama skinned up 1800 feet of vert this evening!

On the summit of Sunlight with my sweetie.

Coming down, almost dark.


Anonymous said...

You guys are the best!

Dave and Kasey said...

you are amazing, Joy! I could barely keep my balance to walk, let alone ski! I hope it hurries the blueberry along!

lanerdoo said...

Joy Claire, you're nuts and I love you for it!

Blueberry, come out! We're dying to meet you!

Addie said...

Atta girl, but I agree with Lane: you're a little crazy. Must be why I like you so much!

Are you going to text everyone when you finally go into labor? The amount of blog-stalking I'm doing is kind of creepy.

Unknown said...

I thought about you all day! This is so exciting. I have trouble skiing without all my body weight reaching out of my middle. You're an inspiration for sure.