Thursday, March 5, 2009

35 weeks!

I am almost there. We are almost three. The baby dropped noticeably this week, meaning that labor will most likely start within the next two to three weeks. I'm really trying not to get my hopes up, though, because it could be another 7 weeks! (I will technically be "term" in two weeks, so hopefully baby will wait that long.) I know it is lower because my heartburn, which has been fairly severe, has completely stopped, and I can feel a lot of pressure from the baby's head in my pelvis. I've also been having TONS of Braxton Hicks contractions, often in patterns but rarely painful. Here is my latest belly shot at about 35 weeks.

Mike went skiing this afternoon above our house and took these photos, which I thought were pretty cool. I thought I'd share.


Addie said...

That baby needs to stay put for a bit longer, miss! I want the baby here early enough for you guys to come to the wedding, but this early is no good because NO ONE could come. And really...

it's all about me.

But seriously, blueberry ain't done cooking!

Joy Joy said...

2 more weeks and we're all good.

Anonymous said...

Ad, it's all about the wedding an stuff, stuff being tons of love and blueberry aint' done cooking. Totally agree.
Grannie to be,

lanerdoo said...

I like to think Blueberry is ripening on the vine... that's my two cents.

You look great, I'm proud of you for staying so active and enjoying the process. I'm excited for your water birth...I watched one on TLC the other day, SUPER COOL!

Anonymous said...

Joy you haven't lost your athleticism. It is athleticism that is going to make this race you are about to start the most exciting race of your life. All of the things you have worked toward so far are going to help you so much as a mommy. You are only taking a rest in order to add to your identity. The biggest thing about being able to return to your ultra marathonning is the mental part which you already know how to master. The trick will be reminding yourself to start back slow (which is still faster and longer than most of the rest of us.) You'll feel like yourself again in no time. -Crystal