Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Dinner Date?

Hopefully our last non-parent dinner date was last night. Mikey took me out to Zheng for super spicy curry in another effort to get things moving and have a nice Saturday night! So far, no luck, but today is another day!

Click on the above photo to enlarge and read our very appropriate fortunes...

Things in my body are changing to say the least. The baby has gotten really low in the last couple of days, so low that I cannot walk normally and am in quite a bit of pain every time I move. I hope that is a sign that labor is impending and not just another pregnancy symptom that I'll have for the next 3 weeks. The prego barfies have also returned with a vengeance. I lay on the couch for hours each day thinking I'm about to barf, but never actually do (until last night, after which I felt much better). I'll retch and retch but nothing comes up. It is the wierdest thing, I will lay there for a long time, almost crying because I just want to puke to get it over with. Then, all of a sudden, the cloud lifts and I feel normal and good!

Sweet Elinor finally went into labor last night after many efforts (read her blog for a detailed list). Poor girl was 13 days overdue and is in labor as we speak. I spent the day with her yesterday and she was SO READY to have that child. Keep her in your prayers! She is also doing a home birth.

Mike and I are on our way out to get some fresh air and a nice hike. I'll keep blogging so you all don't have to wonder what is going on!

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