Thursday, March 12, 2009

One step closer

I lost my mucus plug this afternoon after a brisk 4 1/2 mile walk with my super prego friend Elinor. She is due on Monday, so the idea was to get her to go into labor (as was yesterday's idea and will be tomorrow's). It also happens to be PERFECT weather here right now, so it's not hard to convince us to get outside. We had fun talking about our running goals for the Spring and Fall--she's a fellow ultragirl and we have plans for a few races together. Whenever we see runners these days, we tell them how jealous we are. We are both officially done running until after D Day. I tried to run a couple of weeks ago and actually made it about a mile and a half but could hardly roll over in bed that night because my pelvic ligaments were so sore (not worth it).

I am trying not to get all excited about labor being around the corner because everything I read about losing the plug says it could be a few hours or another two weeks. Without going into too much detail, there have been other signs of impending labor as well. To complicate things, Mike is out of town (a 4ish hour drive away) for the weekend on a last-chance-boys'-desert extravaganza. He has very specific instructions to get to cell reception at least once a day to make sure little Schneiter is not fixin' to sprout. He left with my blessing in hopes that nothing happens this weekend. My mom is driving up from Jackson and will be here tomorrow afternoon. Our original plan was for her to come plenty early to help me get all the last minute details taken care of, then she was supposed to go home and come back a week or so after D Day. Our plans may change! Wish me luck!


aubyn said...

Good luck Joy :) Im happy to hear things are moving! What a nice grandma to come down for you :)

Hannah said...

Here she/he comes!!

lanerdoo said...

Yay for mucus plugs! I'm glad I'm not the only one willing to talk about the beautiful side of pregnancy.

Little Schneiter, we can't wait to meet you, just hang on a few more days!

Janelle Wilson said...

Woo-hoo! I remember the first time I heard the term "mucus plugs"... is there nothing better they could call it? Even if you add some medical-isms to the end, I could sleep better at night. So, congrats on your "mucus-osis plug-iasis"!

Anonymous said...

What are you girls talking about? Do I want to know what a mucus plug is?

Addie said...

Stef: No. But brush up on your body and all the crazy things it can do... it's just nice to know even if you're NOT pregnant!
Joy: Hurray - hope it's sooner than later (but still fully cooked). Because, again, it's all about me, and I want to see you and Mike and blueberry (and HOLD blueberry - you and Mike can hold each other) soon. Say, April 11?

I love you!