Thursday, May 21, 2009

6 weeks

Mike looking domestic.
He's been much more helpful since the little one came around. I have true respect for single mothers these days. Motherhood is so consuming with a supportive partner, I cannot imagine surviving it alone, at least not without a breakdown here and there. Selah is just finishing up her sixth week, which is supposedly the most difficult time, so hopefully we are over the hump. She has been tough lately, but the joys of raising her far outweigh the hard parts. Breastfeeding is much more of a challenge than I ever imagined. I always thought it would be this beautiful and romantic experience with a content and calm baby. But I think I have a kid that really just does not especially enjoy breastfeeding. She absolutely refused for about three days last week, which was very draining, physically and emotionally. I had to pump and give her bottles and was caught out without milk for her a couple of times. She screamed and refused to eat until we were home and she could have a bottle. Thankfully that stage seems to have passed and she is back on the boob. We learn something new every day. Last week, I learned that I was severely depriving the poor child of sleep. I had no idea that babies were only supposed to be awake for two hours at a time--max. Once I started paying attention, it became clear that Selah was tired within one hour of waking up, which makes for a very short window to get anything done. She has been much happier during her wake time since I have been allowing her to sleep more. She is extremely curious and wants to look around constantly, so really only sleeps well in a quiet dark room. I have decided I have to compromise and get her quiet dark naps sometimes and jogger stroller (half-assed) naps sometimes--I have to stay sane! We have been getting up early and getting out the door in the cool air to run lately. I love running. Period. I am now pretty comfortable doing 8 miles with the stroller--closer and closer to normal!

The girl LOVES this thing. She will lay there all alone just smiling and cooing at it.

I had the distinct pleasure of hosting my almost-cousin and very good friend Reese for the past few days. She had all kinds of helpful words from her experience as a mother and was just a joy to have around. It was really nice to have a friend around all day while Mike was at work to help out. Reese is crafty and had to visit the fabric store while she was here. She inspired me to start sewing again and I am 99% done with my first Selah project (pictures later).

I found this pattern and it is completely adorable. I can't wait to make it!

Fun fabrics.


Mike was asked to speak at Baccalaureate at his high school last night. I was so proud! It is a very rare experience to connect with the career of one's spouse, and last night was a special peek into his world for me. He spoke for 15-20 minutes and encouraged the graduates to challenge themselves, be the light of the world, and wear flip-flops in the shower.

Proud Daddy (in a suit!!) after the speech.



(He actually brought the apron to school for his lesson on the Renaissance today!)


meg said...

Michael Schneiter, multi tasker extroidenaire!

Mike said...

I might add that I "made" a pair of impromptu shorts for David so that it would be a little more appropriate for class.

Reese said...

Hooray for updates with pictures! Thank you for hosting me so graciously and loving me despite the fact that I wore the same shirt all four days :). I have a better understanding of your happy little life in Glenwood and I got to see, first-hand, what a great mama and papa you and Mike are to sweet Selah. Looking forward to seeing you again soon-

Reese said...

p.s. Can't wait to see how the dress turned out. I just finished making the bonnet - just need to sew on ribbon for the ties. It's adorable! I think I will be making one for every little lady I know.