Monday, May 11, 2009

Little Girl

Selah is quickly becoming a little girl instead of just a baby blob. She is starting to react to us and seems to get cuter every day. Here are the latest pics of the little one.

Check out those luscious lips.

My parents came through for a quick visit in between a meeting in Cheyenne and a concert in SLC. They said they wanted to see Mike and me, but we all know the truth! They love that grandbaby.

Selah and I did our first race together this weekend (besides the 3 while I was pregnant)! It was great, the Dandelion Dash 5K. I pushed Selah in the stroller and set my first stroller PR of 27:58. It amazed me how absolutely worked I felt for running so slow! I reached my goal, though, of winning the (unofficial) stroller division.

El and Reed raced, too. It was El's second run post C-Section and she was so happy to be back at it. We are both excitedly formulating our racing plans for the near future.

We all went to Carbondale's Dandelion Days festival after the race for music, art, and mostly just little kids running around everywhere. (Thanks, Dad for the Mother's Day dress!!)

Mike gave me my first day off of parenting for Mother's Day. He and a couple of friends took Selah to the crag, of course, and made a little tent out of her play thing. He brought the stove to warm up her milk, down jackets to snuggle her, and the Chariot just in case she needed to go for a walk. This crag is not right next to the road, either. He hiked all of that stuff in (as well as the drill, bolts, climbing gear, etc) a couple of miles to the cliff. I'm not sure how I felt about being away from the girl all day. Honestly, I missed her more than I needed a break. But, I did get some good time in with my friends. I was able to watch Sari speak on a women's panel at the 5 point Film Festival with the likes of Lynn Hill and Irene Beardsley (yes, the Irene of Irene's Arete and more). Afterwards, Sari, El and I went for a nice trail run on Red Hill.

Watch Selah find her voice and lose her feet in her PJ's.


meg said...

Voice, feet, she will figure it out!
Mike, did you bring the hard back books as well? Tee hee!

meg said...

Way to go Sari!!!!!I wish I was there!

sea legs girl said...

Congrats on the stroller 5k! What a fast time!

And Selah's little smile... she's just adorable.

Gotta add that you, too, look great. Love the braids.