Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Drowned rat

I could have felt like a drowned rat on my run today... but I just stuck my tongue out and caught as many rain drops as I could. I felt so joyful today. It is rainy, windy, and nippy here in Iowa but I just had to get out for a run. I didn't wear enough clothes so instead of getting cold, I just ran as fast as I could. Ended up doing a hilly 7 mile loop in 54:00, 7:42 pace. I am getting faster! Maybe the whole postpartum boost has finally hit, because I have never been able to run even close to that in the past, especially alone in the pouring rain.

A recent changes that are probably affecting my pace:
1. My eye is on the Vegas marathon. I keep visualizing myself crossing the finish line at my goal pace and have thus pushed my pace on my training runs lately.
2. Lost my last pregnancy weight. 5 pounds makes a big difference.
3. Started taking Asmanex, a daily inhaled steroid, for my asthma. My peak flow has increased about 25% in 3 weeks since I started.
4. In Iowa around 800 feet of elevation, down from 6400 at home.
5. Fruits and veggies and veggies and more fruit and more veggies...

I often think about how thankful I am to have running in my life.

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meg said...

You sound fantastic. There is just something about that 800' elevation, and super charged calories that is making you fly. Enjoy Marge's family.